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At Carrion we are not just a normal hair and beauty salon. We have researched and developed techniques and treatments which are at the cutting edge of hair health.

For starters, when you come to see us we use a scanning camera which shows us your scalp and hair on a screen under a microscope so we can see exactly what’s going on and which treatment would be best for you.

Our O Way range is completely organic and cruelty free and the colour range is ammonia free. We don’t simply just shampoo and condition your hair we look to rebuild and construct it to make it healthier.

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Inspired by the healing rituals of Ayurveda, we offer the unique O Way Hydrodhara meaning ‘constant flow of water’.

This treatment uses essential oil distilled from Biodynamic Rosemary (stimulating), Lavender (relaxing), Rose, Lemon (antioxidant) and Fair Trade Araza to create an aromatherapeutic atmosphere for relaxation and rejuvenation.
These essential oils are collected and transformed into Flowerfall, active waters filled with anti-aging and chakra-balancing benefits.

These active waters flow over the head and through the hair, relieving the hair and scalp of tension and stress by indirectly stimulating the pituitary glad – our center of health and well-being.

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our story

Carrion has been established for 10 years on Ibiza.

Our ethos is to provide your hair with the same spa care you would give to your face and skin. We use only organic products which means no damaging chemicals and we only recommend treatments that really work.

Whilst travelling we came across a brand called O Way which is originally from Italy. We use their products for colouring, rejuvenation and styling. In fact everything in our salon promotes a holistic approach to looking after your hair from the rosemary water we serve to the aprons made from potatoes!

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You won’t find our kind of treatments anywhere else on the island. We offer re-building packages for damaged hair that needs replenishing or thickening. We can take care of every strand of hair to make it healthy again and use colours that won’t make it dry.

Above all we want you to look and feel great so an experience at the luxurious salon is highly recommended!


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Carrion Head Spa will confirm your booking via email.


We encourage you to arrive early so that you can take some time to relax. You can enjoy a refreshment and getting into your head spa mood.


We will do everything we can to accommodate late arrivals and we will try to offer at least part of the service (depending on the treatment).
Arriving more that 15 minutes late you will loose your appointment and your deposit.


Please contact +34 681 084 803 for last minute appointments.


You can leave your bag in your table next to you. Carrion Head Spa cannot take responsibility for any items.


To maintain our relaxing environment, please ensure your mobile phone is switched off or on silent throughout your visit.


Please note that Carrion Head Spa is not accessible to children under the age of 14.
Children over 14 are welcome to Carrion Head Spa provided that their booking is made by a parent guardian at all time in the salon.


We love referrals , bring us a new client and get a free head spa treatment.


We regularly hold exclusive events, such as product launch parties, and special promotions for treatments.
Carrion Head Spa reserves the right to change prices, promotions or age restrictions where necessary at any time, All prices are listed in the Spain sterling, inclusive of VAT.
To book an appointment or for more information please call +34 681 084 803


Bookings for all treatments and services are subject to a deposit payments at the time of making the reservation.
If you are making a booking with a gift voucher please be sure to quote the voucher number at the time of booking.


In the event that you wish to cancel an appointment we will fully refund any deposit paid provided that you notify us of your intention to cancel at least 24 hours before your appointment time.
If you miss your appointment or provide us with less that 24 hours notice of your intention to cancel, your deposit will not be refunded. Cancellation course items less that 24 hrs in advanced will be deducted.
In unavoidable circumstances we may need to rearrange or cancel your booking.
In such circumstances we will liaise with you to arrange a new appointment or treatment at a convenient time.


Your feedback is extremely important to us.
If you would like to share your experiences and offer suggestions, please speak to a member of the head spa team in person, call or email info@carrionheadspa.com

Carrion - Head Spa & Salon - At the forefront of hair treatments.
Carrion - Head Spa & Salon - At the forefront of hair treatments.
Carrion - Head Spa & Salon - At the forefront of hair treatments.